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Vasectomy (no scalpel technique)

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Vasectomies are popular procedures that males undergo to ensure that they will not be able to produce anymore children. There are various ways to perform this procedure and one of the most popular techniques is the no scalpel technique. This was developed in China in the 1970’s as a way of performing a vasectomy with minimal invasiveness .

As suggested by the techniques name, this procedure does not involve the use of a scalpel. Only a small incision is necessary so there is very little tissue manipulation needed. It is done by the medical professional locating the patient’s vas deferens by hand and holding the small tube still by using only the hand. The layers of tissue are separated by using forceps that are small and pointed which makes the incision to remove the vas deferens. This is done by cutting the small tubes and either tying them or cauterizing them. The small area is then sewn back together. Healing after this technique is used is occurs fairly quickly. There is minimal pain, bruising or other negative side effects.

 Many men actually have this done on their lunch breaks and are right back to work without any issues.